What is the percent of Sellers compared to Buyers that you work with?

What are the terms of the listing agreement, are there options if we choose to terminate the listing?

Do you have a licensed personal assistant or work in a team?

Do you recommend that I hire a lawyer and how will he or she be involved in my sale?

May I see your resume or personal brochure?

What systems do you have in place that will keep you in constant contact with me during the listing and the transaction?

What are your methods of communication, email, phone, etc and do you work with a personal computer, fax machine,
copier, cell phone, etc.?

May I see all the paperwork that you are going to ask me to sign?

What professional designations do you have?

I want to give my home the advantage of the latest marketing   strategies. What is your marketing plan?

Why are you personally motivated to sell my house?

Why should I list with you rather than any other REALTOR®?

What kind of experience and training do you have in negotiations?

Will you personally be there when contracts are presented and handle all the negotiations?

Do you have a web site?

Will you directly market the property on the Internet?

Do you follow-up on all showings on the house and report the comments back to me?

How familiar are you with the neighbourhood and city my home is located in?

What part of your business is from referrals/past clients?

Are you familiar with current market conditions?

It's likely that you don't interview people very often. However, in order to find the REALTOR® who is right for you, you may interview several. The quality of your home selling experience is dependent upon your skill at selecting the person best qualified.


The world is populated with REALTORS® who are wrong for you. For example, the housewife who sells an occasional house because she needs a little pocket change, or the insurance salesman who believes he can handle two careers, or perhaps your cousin, who really needs your business.


The sale of your home could well be one of the most important financial transactions you have ever been involved with. The person you select can make it a satisfying and profitable activity, or a terrible experience. It's your home, and your money. The goal of a MaxWell Capital REALTOR® is to help you sell your home as quickly as possible for the highest price possible with the least amount of stress and aggravation to you, call us today!


This information is meant as a guide. Although deemed reliable, information may not be accurate.


Please consult a MaxWell Capital REALTOR® for more information